Japanese cuisine & Obanzai (home-style Kyoto cooking)


Seasonal appetizers, sashimi, and an Owan (a lidded lacquer bowl containing seasonal morsels in an aromatic broth.)
from 5,900 yen

Seasonal appetizers, sashimi, and four Obanzai items of your choice.
from 7,500 yen

Kisetsu-no-omakase ('up to the chef')
Seasonal appetizers, sashimi, an Owan, two main dishes, several Obanzai selections, seasonal steamed rice, dessert.
from 13,000 yen (Please order in advance.)

A la carte selections also available.

Seasonal rice dishes
mackerel sushi, eel sushi, bamboo-shoot sushi, crab curry, etc.

Hotpots (nabe) & other seasonal dishes
(Please order in advance.)
grilled Matsuba crab (winter)

sake-lees fondue (Okinawan pork, mizuna greens & tofu cooked shabu-shabu style in a sake-lees-based broth) (fall & winter) 12,000 yen
sukiyaki (Noto/Omi beef) 13,000 yen
shabu-shabu (Noto/Omi beef) 13,000 yen
kamo-suki (duck sukiyaki) (winter) 12,000 yen

*Nabe courses come with an appetizer, sashimi, rice or udon noodles & dessert.

seating capacity
Counter: 9 people
Private room: 4 - 6 people


Private room

* A 10% service charge will be added for the use of a private room.
* Consumption tax will be charged.

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